Dumpling Making Machine is designed to produce single-color-filled, double-color-filled, or unfilled products. It's highly demanded in various food processing industries.
Features of MiniFillMAK Encrusting Machine
• It has the capability to produce different shapes of fruit bars.
• You can produce up to Bun, pastry, chocolate bomb-filled cookies, etc.
• It allows you to make dough cookies, salted cookies, kibbe, yeasty products, dumplings, fruit bars, and similar pastries.
• You can use products such as praline, marmalade, cocoa, cheese, potatoes, crushed olives, ground meat, and sausages.
Technical Specifications of Encrusting Machine
• Width: 39 cm
• Length: 84 cm
• Height: 78cm
• Dough Bunker: 10 kg
• Weight: 85 kg
• Electricity: 220V/ 1 KW
• Capacity (1 hour): 20-40 kg
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