GIS : Mobile & Web GIS Solution Development for IP Set Augmentation
IP Sets are a major source of consumption of electricity in the rural areas. A number of opportunities have been provided to the consumers to regularize their IP Sets, but as on date reliable information on the IP Sets is not available. To ensure that such information is available, it is envisaged to conduct an enumeration of IP Sets (authorized as well as unauthorized) through GIS using standard base maps.

Client: HESCOM


• Supply & Maintenance of Hardware, Software to support Enumeration (Survey) of IP sets in GIS under HESCOM jurisdiction.
• Development & deployment of android based Mobile application for survey.
• Development & deployment of Web Based OGC compliant Open source GIS Application with survey data migration on Cloud (Ceinsys Tech Ltd. environment).
• Integration of open source map service/data with web Application.
• Functionality for Addition, Deletion & Modification of data through Web module.
• Integration with other utility systems & MIS reporting.
• Maintenance of software solution for next 18 months.

Major Activities
• Assessing HESCOM’S Existing Business Process (AS-IS Process Study).
• System Requirement Study (SRS) and preparing Need Assessment Report.
• To prepare the Business Blue Print. (To Be Process).
• Creation of environment for Software Hosting.
• Configuration of Operating System, RDBMS & other required software.
• Preliminary System Design with stakeholders of HESCOM for decision making process.
• Application Development/Installation/Testing/ Debugging/QA & QC.
• Training to selected personal from GESCOM.
• Maintenance.

Benefit to Client:
• Actual numbers of IP sets.
• Accountability for accounts and subsidy from GOK.
• Count of Authorized IP sets and Unauthorized IP sets.
• Load assessment for reliable supply.
• Count of IP sets connected to transformers.
• Accurate Location information of IP sets in depleted area.
• Consumer information modelling of the owners of IP Sets.
• Continuous Updates

Key Team Members:
• Avinash Nila
• Suyog Shinde
• Ganesh Salunke
• Mohan Siraskar

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